Summarizing the new 4P’s of Marketing


The new model of marketing is called “enlightened” marketing model. It consist of the new 4P’s namely the Probe, People, Proposition and Postulation. The new enlightened 4P’s can be summed up in one straightforward statement: “Probe on people, propose, and postulate.”

It starts with the research (probe) of the specific target market (people). Marketers must do researches about the information/data of their target market,it includes their demographics and their needs and wants. In that way, marketers can identify what kind of people they’re will be dealing with and what kind of products/goods or services that could comply the needs and wants of that specific target market. After collecting the data/information of the target market and already identify and plan the product the next thing the company must do is propose a product which contains the necessary features and benefits that can make it sell. The price that should be acceptable/affordable to the consumers. The last one is the Postulation.The company must play the role of a corporate citizen and espouse issues promoting societal development with a new buzzword, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). If they can successfully deliver this one, it can be their competitive advantage because the company can create/ build positive impression to the minds of their consumers.


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